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GAC's partnership with Grupo Maritimo has been nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment to efficiency, safety, and promptness has elevated our shipping operations.
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Norton lilly

Norton Lilly relies on Grupo Maritimo as a cornerstone of our supply chain success. Their unmatched industry knowledge and precise handling ensure our shipments arrive on time, every time.
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Grupo Maritimo has become an indispensable partner in Shell's operations. Their impeccable logistics management and attention to detail have consistently exceeded our expectations.
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Choosing Grupo Maritimo has been pivotal for Bunge. Their expertise in logistics and reliable delivery of our products has streamlined our supply chain.
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Partnering with Grupo Maritimo has been a game-changer for Puma Energy. Their seamless handling of our gas shipments, combined with their unwavering commitment to safety and timeliness, has elevated our supply chain operations. From the moment our cargo leaves to its final destination, Grupo Maritimo’s expertise ensures a smooth voyage. Their attention to detail and personalized service truly make them stand out in the industry. We trust Grupo Maritimo as an invaluable extension of our team, and their dedication continues to exceed our expectations. Puma Energy proudly recommends Grupo Maritimo for top-notch maritime and logistics solutions.


puma energy

Chevron has found a reliable partner in Grupo Maritimo for our gas transportation needs. Their expertise in handling delicate cargo like gas has been instrumental in ensuring safe and efficient deliveries. From meticulous planning to impeccable execution, Grupo Maritimo’s team has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence. Their industry knowledge, coupled with their state-of-the-art logistics solutions, has significantly optimized our supply chain. Chevron highly values this partnership, as Grupo Maritimo continues to play a vital role in our operations. Their professionalism and dedication make them the go-to choice for maritime services in our book.


Working with Grupo Maritimo has been a transformative experience for Disagro in the realm of crop protection products. As a company that deals with sensitive agricultural solutions, we require a partner that understands the intricacies of handling and transporting our products. Grupo Maritimo’s knowledge and attention to detail have been exceptional. They have seamlessly integrated our requirements into their logistics processes, ensuring the integrity and quality of our products are maintained throughout the journey. Their dedication to service and reliability has strengthened our supply chain, allowing us to deliver the best to our customers. Disagro wholeheartedly recommends Grupo Maritimo to any business seeking a true partner in efficient and secure logistics solutions.



El Salvador —
79 Av. Sur y Calle Cuscatlán, Local 2-11,
Edif. Plaza Cristal, Col. Escalón,
San Salvador, El Salvador.

Guatemala — Avenida Reforma 8-60, Zona 9, Edif. Galerías Reforma
Torre II, 12 Nivel, Oficina 1206.
Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.


El Salvador – +503 2206 5555

Guatemala – 502 2317 – 0808


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